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Complete Consultation from a new Website to a Press Release. We listen to your needs.

About the Rowdy Genius

Wendy Deeter-Kaloski Wendy Deeter-Kaloski

I explained that I can develop a Digital Strategy for you and present you with my recommendations as far as type of website and what functionality it should have, what social media sites your company should consider, how to register your business on the major search engines. And I do all of this prior to our first meeting and you haven't paid a dime. When we meet for the first time, I will have a recommendation proposal for you to review, and a budget estimate strictly for your digital marketing, if you asked for a budget estimate in advance. Once I speak with you and learn more about you and your business during our first meeting, I may change some things to better suit your goals, but at least you will have a starting point.


If needed, I tweak the proposal, and present you with a final Digital Strategy recommendation proposal. Once you have decided if you're ready to go, I will start immediately working for you to get your company up and running with a new strategy to earn you more business and reach your goals. We can discuss the pricing and I will put something in writing for you so you know what you are being charged and what you're paying for.

Pricing Structure

There are varying degrees of scope and involvement for a marketing agency or a digital marketing agency. It is very difficult to have a static price sheet for my services.


If I get a phone call from a potential client and they ask me, "What does it cost to get a Facebook Page?" There is no answer. It's tough because there are so many variables involved.I couldn't possibly provide a quote until I get more questions answered. Am I designing your cover art or will I be posting and managing Insights, Notifications, perhaps I'm developing a campaign that requires a successful call-to action? For the full gamut of services, you need a professional to devise strategy, plan and manage exection, measure results, then optimize efforts.


Depending on the complexity of your business, you may have multiple needs within those sets. Chances are, agencies and independent contractors that can help you with digital marketing, like social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), aren't nessesarily going to have the knowledge that is required for brand marketing. Fortunately, The Rowdy Genius does. I worked in Marketing as an Executive for nine years before switching over to digital marketing.


Typically, I charge by the hour, but in some cases, I charge by the job. For example, if you decide you want to hire me to do your Facebook posts, Google+ updates, etc., a monthly fee would be attached to that type of agreement. On one occasion, I even answered a companies' mail for them.

How Did I Get My Business Name?

A few years ago I was looking around the Internet for how to come up with a catchy name for a service related business. The formula this particular site suggested was to come up with an adjective that would not only describe how you conduct business, but will also describe a portion of your personality. This type of business has constant deadlines, and I make sure I meet those deadlines. I am told I have a lot of energy; my son used to call me "The Bumble Bee Lady." I have always been a fan of Apple Computers. I've owned about four of them starting with my first one in the early 90's. Having said that, I also wanted my clients to have faith in what I'm doing for them. Well, Apple Tech Support Employees are called Geniuses. Using Genius in my name certainly should promote the feeling that they have chosen the right consultant.

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